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Looking for a passive income source?

Read this page to know all about Asset Leasing by Grip, a new alternative investment option on our platform that generates monthly income and yields 12% IRR (post-tax).


Asset Leasing is an alternative investment option that lets you invest in non-market linked instruments to generate recurring monthly income.


We’ll walk you through all the details about this investment option and help you understand if it is ideal for you, along with how you can get started with GRIP facilitated by Money’s Worth Finserv.

Asset leasing by GRIP allows you to co-invest in physical assets like electronics, furniture, bikes, and
batteries that are leased to corporates with a strong balance sheet and business fundamentals.
The terms of the lease are pre-agreed which leads to monthly recurring payments. Grip has been
generating 12% IRR post-tax. That’s better than most traditional investment options like fixed

Asset Leasing is ideal for investors who want to generate a fixed monthly passive income stream by
diversifying their portfolio with a non-market linked asset.
It is advisable to understand the risk associated to know if you should invest in Grip as it falls under
the medium risk category of investments.

GRIP Details At A Glance

Risk: Medium

Ideal time frame:

3 Years

Returns: 21% IRR

Liquidity: Monthly repayment

Who Are GRIP’s Partners?

GRIP selects its partners based on three key metrics:

  • Financials (balance sheet)
  • Corporate profile (company reputation)
  • Business performance (key contracts, trends, etc)

Why Does MW Finserv Recommend's GRIP?

1. Monthly payouts (passive income)
2. Predictable returns (12% IRR post-tax)
3. Diversification
4. Co-invest in physical assets like cars, furniture, etc.‍
5. No Tax liability at receivers end.

GRIP Highlight

It's like receiving rent. You earn fixed returns on a monthly basis. The returns are
post-tax. You don’t have to worry about calculating capital gains.

How To Invest In GRIP With Us

You can invest in GRIP by clicking on the link blow in 5 simple steps:

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