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Recently, thousands of travellers, who had booked their tours through a well-known international travel company, got stuck in various parts of the world. The travel company simply announced that they had no more money to run their travel operations and, hence, could not pay for the travel and stay of its patrons. This, even after all these patrons had paid in full. Governments of various countries had to make arrangements to get their citizens back home. Though this is a rare event, it did occur.


Most people save for years, sometimes their entire working lives, for that dream vacation. While looking forward to having a good time on vacations, it is prudent to also prepare for something going wrong. And in foreign places, things go wrong more often than we would like to believe. And expenses balloon more than we could handle.

suitable travel insurance coverage

However, a suitable travel insurance coverage can help us out in such situations, and may also save
our vacay. Some of these are listed below.

  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Missed connection coverage
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Travel medical coverage
  • Lost/Delayed/Damaged bags coverage
  • Coverage for financial default by the travel company
  • Terrorism coverage

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