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What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting is an alternate debt instrument. Vendors have to wait for 30-90 days to receive their money from companies to whom they have sold material/services. Invoice discounting can provide liquidity to vendors by raising short-term capital from investors, who can earn an attractive yield on their investments.

What is TradeCred?

Trade Cred is an alternate debt platform for retail investors. Alternate debts are instruments such as trade receivables discounting (invoice discounting), leasing, bonds, debts etc.


TradeCred acts as an interface which connects the firm that needs the fund, and retail investors.


It extends retail investors the opportunity to invest in invoice discounting, while it gives companies the opportunity to raise short term capital from these retail investors.

Who is it for?

Retail investors who have some money to invest for a short term like 90 to 180 days, but don’t want to invest in FD, bonds or stocks, may choose to invest in invoice discounting.

Value propositions of the TradeCred platform

Expected ROI

13% to 15% IRR

Minimum Investment

Rs. 1,00,000/- in most of the deals.


3 to 6 Months

Below are some of the names whose invoices are listed on TradeCred

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