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What are Smallcase Equity Baskets?

Smallcases are a basket of stocks that reflects an idea, a trend or a theme! They are readymade baskets of stocks and/or ETF’s based on a particular theme, strategy or objective, and are prepared by SEBI licensed professionals after deep research and analysis.

The beauty of investing in a smallcase is the ease of transcation. With one click of the buy/sell button, one can buy/sell as many stocks/ETF’s as are a part of that particular smallcase. These transactions happen from the investor’s demat account, hence s/he has complete control over quantity and price while transacting. Further, an investor can alter the composition of a readymade smallcase, or even create a completely customized smallcase of one’s own. What’s more, smallcases allow you to setup SIP’s just like a mutual fund.

Well Smallcases aren’t a different asset class. They are a different method to invest in direct equity. So any investor who already invests in or wants to invest in direct equities and is aware of the risk factors of stocks as an asset class would benefit from the unique value proposition that Smallcases offer!

Why does MWF recommend Smallcase

1. Transparent and customisable
2. Best way to participate in thematic / sectoral growth trends
3. Convenience of buying and selling multiple stocks in a single click
4. Access to quality research and analysis carried out by SEBI licensed professionals

Some Smallcases At A Glance

IT Tracker

Pharma Tracker

Electric Mobility

Speciality Chemicals

Equity & Gold

Top 100 stocks

Rising Rural Demand

Digital Inclusion

Steps to get started

1. Click on Invest Now
2. Check and select portfolios available on the landing page
3. Follow the registration instructions and link your broker account
4. Start Investing!

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